My 3D Printer

You have probably found and scanned my 3D-printed puzzle piece,
scroll down to know more about its creation and purpose.

A hobby project with colleagues

I built a Prusa I3 clone (with modifications), in a project shared between some colleagues at Nokia. We ordered cheap parts on-line, and printed some with other 3D printers. A special thanks goes out to the "mentors" of this group: Peter Van Aken, Bart Hillaert and Jeroen Busschop. Their tips and general guidance was essential for me to build my very own 3D printer.

On the right you see a picture of the my finalized printer. ("Finalized" is a strong word, there's still some finishing to be done) In this picture it is printing a puzzle piece. Each colleague who participated in this project had to print their own piece at the end. The resulting multi-color entirety is sort of "proof" that your printer could to the job and it symbolizes the group aspect of this project.

You can check out the total puzzle as well as more personal 3D printing pictures in the gallery below!

3D printer